Club Waist Shorts


Club Waist Shorts


Why we made this:

High-performance, lightweight and padded for anyone that simply prefers their shorts to stop at the waist. Perfect for Watopia but won’t let you down out in the real world.

Product Details

The Chapeau! Women’s Club Waist Shorts are a waist-height version of our women’s Club bibs. Sharing the same material, pad and build quality as the Club bib, they simply do without the shoulder straps.

Designed to keep you cool and comfy on the turbo, but still very useable on the roads they’re a versatile and high-performance padded short for all sorts of rides. They’re built with a comfortable, multi-panel design that’s snug and supportive without restricting your movement.

A 45mm gripper at the leg and another at the waist will keep them locked in place without cutting off your circulation.

Handling the tough job of keeping you comfy, is the tried-and-tested Elastic Interface Endurance 2 pad. The pad is a high-performance and women’s specific product that’s developed for on and off road use. It’s designed for long rides and will keep you comfy for up to 6 hours. Dual density fabric and ECO X-Tract fabric guarantee you won’t be left saddle sore.

The Chapeau! Women’s Club Waist Shorts are part of our new and improved women’s collection. Keen to step up our women’s range, we hired a full-time, dedicated female designer and avid cyclist. Alongside plenty of riding, Jennie will be driving forward our new women’s collection to make sure it offers our customers the best possible products that we can produce.

Anatomic cut
Moisture wicking
UV protection
Size Guide
SIZE Waist (A) Hips (B)
Extra Small (XS) - Size 6-8 22-2455-60 32-3482-88
Small (S) - Size 8-10 25-2762-68 34-3790-96
Medium (M) - Size 10-12 27-2970-76 38-4098-104
Large (L) - Size 12-14 30-3378-84 41-44106-112
Extra Large (XL) - Size 14-16 33-3686-92 44-47114-120

Fitting Advice - To ensure you get the intended level of comfort and performance from your bibs, you want them to fit tighter rather than looser. This will help the pad stay in the correct position when pedalling and allow the compressive nature of the fabric to do its job properly.


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